The War Of The Ages

The History Of Mystery Babylon

Ed Tarkowski

                                            A 6000 Year Overview of Satan's Effort To Hinder God's Plan

                   I.  Paul's Revelation Of God's Hidden Mystery

                 II.  Paul's Revelation Of God's Hidden Mystery (continued..)

                III.  Before The Creation Of The World

                 IV.  Satan's War Against God

                  V.  The Mystery Religions: Circa 4000-0 AD

                VI.  The Early Church: 0-499 AD   Spiritual Degeneration 500-1599

               VII.  The Enlightenment - 1600-1859  The First Deliberate Steps Towards The New Age: 1860-1949

              VIII.  New Age Spiritual Foundation Begins Growth - 1950-1969
                                              - The New Age Movement Born - 1970-1979

                IX.  The New Age Enters Mainstream Society  1980-1989

                X.   Entering The 21st Century: The Entrenched New Age Movement

                    XI.  The Fires Of the False Revival: The Sacred Heart And Lord Maitreya

              XII.  The Circle Of Virgins Is Complete: The False Mary Closes History

             XIII.  The Sun Worship Of Rome

             XIV.  Jesus Christ Crucified and The Wisdom Of God

 The Two Babylons