The War Of The Ages

The History Of Mystery Babylon A 6000 Year Overview of Satan's Effort To Hinder God's Plan

 PART SEVEN: The Enlightenment - 1600-1859
The First Deliberate Steps Towards The New Age: 1860-1949
By this time, the word of God had become a closed book to most, and men had lost sight of the meaning of life. Reasoning that God had left them on earth to work things out on their own, men became philosophers. During the next two hundred and fifty years, Satan had these philosophers scratching their heads as they solved their predicament - over and over again. At the end of this period, God was seen as either unreachable or as a mystic force. Men had become centered on themselves as the answer to evolving life. These various philosophies are still with us as vital aspects of today's New Age thinking and have now penetrated the Church.

 As people turned inward during this time, they began to experience the metaphysical realm. The seeds planted by a few, such as Swedenborg and Mesmer, would bloom with the psychic escapades of the Fox sisters by the end of this era. By then the New Age would be ready to start implementing its final agenda, gathering all things to itself.


Spinoza advocates Pantheism, the belief that an impersonal God is in everything (see 1800BC HINDUISM). By advocating Pantheism and introducing it into the secular, intellectual world, Spinoza laid an important stone in the foundation being laid for a New Age by the evil one. That God is in everything, including man, is one of the key foundation stones in building the idea that man can transform himself by realizing his godhood and thus save his world.


Eudes was the founder of the modern public devotion to the Two Hearts, the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It was his mission to organize the scriptural, theological, patristic, and liturgical sources relating to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary and to popularize them with the approval of the Church. Included among his works was a mass and office for the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and one for the Admirable Heart of Mary. He was the first to dedicate churches in the world to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

Insight into the linkage of Mary's Immaculate Heart with Jesus' Heart can be gleaned from the words of St. John Eudes who, centuries before Fatima, wrote,

"Be united to the Heart of Mary that thus you may the more intimately be united to the Heart of Jesus."
It is by this union, wrote Eudes, that adherents would thus "obtain the fulfillment of all Jesus' and Mary's promises." Concerning the vital connection between these two Hearts and their devotees, "Jesus" told St. John Eudes,
"I have given you the admirable Heart of My most worthy Mother which is identified with My own Heart that it may be your true heart as well; that My children may possess only one Heart with their Mother and My members the same Heart as their Head."


In a vision with Jesus and St. John the Revelator, St. Margaret Mary's revelation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was stated to be for the end times. Notice that this spirit revealed secrets to her, just as in the Mystery religions of the past whose worship was based of the Sun God. Here is her account of his appearing to her:
"The Sacred Heart was represented to me as a resplendent sun, the burning rays of which fell vertically upon my heart, which was inflamed with a fire so fervid that it seemed as if it would reduce me to ashes. It was at these times especially that my Divine Master taught me what He required of me and disclosed to me the secrets of His loving Heart. On one occasion, while the Blessed Sacrament was exposed, feeling wholly withdrawn within myself by an extraordinary recollection of all my senses and powers, Jesus Christ, my sweet Master, presented Himself to me, all resplendent with glory, His Five Wounds shining like so many suns. Flames issued from every part of His Sacred Humanity, especially from His Adorable Breast, which resembled an open furnace and disclosed to me His most loving and most amiable Heart, which was the living source of these flames."
This spirit told Margaret Mary that he wanted to establish his reign in the hearts of men by receiving this Sacrament of Love on the Friday after the Octave of Corpus Christi and doing reparation to his outraged heart. That meant people were to kneel before the monstrance with the host, keeping Jesus company for hours at a time. This program is very heavily used in all Catholic churches today through a devotion called Forty Hours where worshipers alternate to keep Him company one hour at a time.

1694 - ROSICRUCIANS (Order Rosae Crucis; Egyptian Mystery School)

It was at this time that the Order of Rosicrucians came to America from Europe with claims to possess the ancient wisdom of Egypt and Babylon, including the mysteries of the universe. When learned, this wisdom awakens man's natural talents to create a life of happiness. Rosicrucians believe every man has the "Christ" spirit at birth. The Rosicrucians are Reincarnationists. If you were a philosopher, Spinoza s doctrine would get you. If you were a mystic, then Rosicrucianism would trap you with the same doctrine. This is a good example of how the devil uses his doctrines with different approaches to get man to accept them. (See 1350 BC).


He wrote "The Secret of The Rosary" and "True Devotion To Mary" as the path by which men could unite themselves to her and thus to Jesus. De Montfort s writings would be the foundation for consecration of the world to Mary under Pope John Paul II.


The first Grand Lodge of Freemasonry was formed in England. Its teaching and secret rites are strongly influenced by Greek Mysteries, Theosophy and Jewish Cabalism, but its real foundation appears to have come from the Egyptian Mysteries. It would trap millions into the secret mysteries as a men s movement that does good works to enhance the life of society.


William Stukeley published "STONEHENGE, a Temple Restored to the British Druids," bringing about a renewed interest in the paranormal.


This was the era of Voltaire, Rousseau, Locke, Hume, all of whom believed the Creator had left man to work out his own destiny. They believed that God does not intervene in man's affairs, and that man, therefore, lives in a closed universe. Evil became an illusion with these philosophers because God, to them, could only be understood through nature. These Deists believed that the ultimate meaning of life could be found within man and that he could achieve the reality of utopia. Man and society were considered perfectible solely through reason, an idea which replaced the Scriptures.


The secret society of Emmanuel Swedenborg, the "Father of Spiritualism." He practiced astral travel and automatic writing, and consulted mediums. Paranormal activity was common in this sect, which also believed in Reincarnation and helped pave the way for the Fox sisters a hundred or so years later.


Franz Mesmer The movement came to the U. S. in 1766. Mesmer developed an early form of hypnotism. Using hand passes over people, he believed he was conveying a vital fluid called "Animal Magnetism" to the subject that would enable him to dominate their wills. Mesmer s movement was the seed of Spiritualism, New Thought, Science of Mind, Christian Science, and the Unity School of Christianity. It was Mesmer s teaching which influenced the positive thinking doctrines and practices of Norman Vincent Peale and Robert Schuller, whether they were conscious of it or not.


Paine published the Deist, anti-Christian "AGE OF REASON."


Kant wrote "Critique of Pure Reason." He divided the world into two categories: the natural world, which is perceived by the five senses, and the supernatural world that transcends human sensibilities. This eventually led to an emphasis on human experience and feeling. To Kant, the metaphysical realm was unintelligible and void of meaning because man's reason was incapable of penetrating it. Man was seen as basically good. By this simple explanation, we can see the feel good philosophy that is so prevalent today in all walks of life. Once the adversary convinced men that man could not penetrate the spiritual realm, he would have laid the foundation for introducing the occult concepts that would reverse this thinking, that with the right techniques, man could penetrate that realm. This would come about 100 years later with the Fox sisters, and Spiritualism would be introduced to the world.


He furthered Kant's thesis, which was to think of God as meaningless because God was part of the unknowable, unverifiable metaphysical world.


Pope Pius VI adopted the doctrine of Transubstantiation against the Synod of Pistoja, which wished to exclude this teaching from the instruction of the faithful as 'a purely scholastic question.'"


Because of the philosophers like Paine and Kant, the Bible was now looked at as symbolic truth, and became "man's interpretation of God" rather than God's revelation to man. The supernatural aspect of the Scriptures was discarded, and the use of the word of God as symbolic literature that revealed truth would pave the way for an allegorical use of the Scriptures.


Marie-Julie Jahenny: "The crisis will come on all of a sudden and the Chastisement will be worldwide."


Blessed Anna-Maria Taigi Taigi was a Catholic mystic who was frequently in ecstasy, worked miracles of healing, read hearts, foretold deaths, and saw visions on the coming of future events. She foretold the first two world wars of this century. Eighteen years after her death, her body remained fresh and in a state of perfect preservation as if it had been just buried the day before. The following are some excerpts from her prophecy on the three days of darkness and what has been called by some, "The Great Chastisement":
"God will send two punishments: one will be in the form of wars, revolutions and other evils; it shall originate on earth. The other will be sent from Heaven. There shall come over the whole earth an intense darkness lasting three days and three nights. . . . During these three days, people should remain in their homes, pray the Rosary and beg God for mercy. All the enemies of the Church, whether known or unknown, will perish over the whole earth during that universal darkness, with the exception of a few whom God will soon convert. The air shall be infected by demons who will appear under all sorts of hideous forms. . . ."


The American public received English versions of ORIENTAL SCRIPTURES (Hindu, Buddhist, etc.). This was the first stone laid in introducing the Eastern philosophies to this country. In 100 years, the gurus would follow, a phenomena that would increase dramatically in the 1960s.


The writings of Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Walt Whitman were strong influences in spreading the philosophies of the Oriental scriptures because many of their writings were based on them. Being positive thinkers and pantheists, these writers believed that all of nature and humanity were brought into existence by a mystic force called Mind, rather by a personal God. J. Gordon Melton, director of the Institute for the Study of American Religion, says these beliefs were "a uniquely American form of mysticism . . . the first substantial movement in North America with a prominent Asian component." Mind would evolve in the doctrine of New Age in which man had within his brain the Akashic record, a knowledge of all things that ever were. To realize this knowledge, one had only to develop his psychic power through meditation until he bypassed his thinking processes and connected with the Universal Mind. The next step was the realization of his supposed innate godhood.



In the summer of 1830, Catherine Laboure, a 24 year old novice of the Sisters of Charity was awakened by a young child, about five years old, dressed in white who called to her: "Catherine, Catherine, wake up. Come to the chapel; the Blessed Virgin is waiting for you." There she saw a beautiful young woman surrounded by a blaze of white light. Then being shown a medal, Catherine was told, "Have a medal struck after this model. Those who wear it will receive great graces; abundant graces will be given to those who have confidence." Within months there were a flood of reported cures and spiritual conversions attributed to the medal, so much so that it came to be called the Miraculous Medal, and is still popular today. By the time of her death, there were millions of Miraculous Medals being worn by the devout all over the world.


is received from a vision by Margaret Macdonald of Glasgow, Scotland.

1845 - EXISTENTIALISM (Soren Kierkegaard)

Kierkegaard taught that man is not born a creature of dignity, but must create his own degree of self-worth through personal achievement. Here we have the foundation for the current self-esteem and Human Potential philosophies. In this philosophy, the rich and famous, for instance, are worth more than the unknown poor. Truth is found within and comes through personal experience rather than intellectual knowledge of the outside physical world. This "truth" does not lend itself to supreme absolutes, causing man to look within himself for the answers to life. Man creates his own system of values by making choices, and those choices are considered to be correct regardless of what someone else might think or do in that same situation. Reason, therefore, is rejected. The only thing of importance is an indefinable, unverifiable experience based on "a leap of faith" that will bring some meaning to life.

1848 - MODERN SPIRITUALISM (Fox sisters)

This a very important entry. The Fox sisters were among the first to start a religion based on necromancy (communication with the dead). They were influenced by Mesmer and Swedenborg. (see 1500 ALCHEMY.) It was the philosophers, the existentialists and the transcendentalists who got man to look within himself for the answers. It was the Fox sisters who provided the spiritual entities to help man in his seeking and to give them the answers they were looking for. If you are looking in the modern world for the beginnings of the spirit penetration into humanity in order to prepare them to accept antichrist at the end of the age, it lies here, with the Fox sisters. This was really the last stone laid in place to prepare humanity to enter the metaphysical realm.


This Pope proclaims the Immaculate Conception as doctrine in his Papal Bull, Neffabilis Deus. He said,
"'We declare, pronounce, and define that the doctrine which holds that the most Blessed Virgin Mary, in the first instance of her conception, by a singular grace and privilege granted by Almighty God, in view of the merits of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the human race, was preserved free from all stain of original sin, is a doctrine revealed by God and therefore to be believed firmly and constantly by all the faithful.' . . . Hence, if anyone shall dare -- which God forbid! -- to think otherwise than as has been defined by us, let him know and understand that he is condemned."


Pope Pius IX extended the feast to the universal Church. In 1889, the acts of consecration and of reparation were everywhere introduced together along with the devotion. Oftentimes, especially since about 1850, groups, congregations and States have consecrated themselves to the Sacred Heart, and, in 1875, this consecration was being made throughout the Catholic world.

 It is important to note here that we are basically looking at two streams. One is the moving of humanity into a position to enter the spirit realm apart from the gospel and form them into the new Babylonians, and the other is the preparation of Rome as the entity that would restore the Babylon religious system with its Sun God. Those prepared would become the worshipers of that god, namely Satan incarnate in the antichrist.


A major Rosicrucian fellowship, "Frateritas Rosae Crucis, was founded in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, spreading prolifically from there.

1858 - OUR LADY OF LOURDES - Lourdes, France

Mary appeared to an impoverished, emaciated fourteen year old girl who lived in the Pyrenees Mountains in France. On Thursday, February 11th, Bernadette Soubirous, her sister Marie and another friend had gone to a nearby river to gather firewood. While Marie and her friend crossed the river to search the other side, Bernadette stayed on dry land. While searching for wood she heard a loud noise like the sound of a storm coming from a nearby grotto known as Massabielle. At the mouth of the grotto was a rosebush which was moving as if it were windy, which it was not. From the interior of the grotto she saw a golden-colored cloud, and soon after a Lady, young and beautiful who came and placed herself at the entrance of the opening above the rosebush. The Lady smiled at Bernadette and motioned for her to advance. Bernadette lost any fear she may have had and fell to her knees to pray the Rosary. Bernadette experienced eighteen visitations from Mary over a six month period, never knowing who the Lady was until the last apparition. During the apparitions, Mary instructed Bernadette to dig a hole in the ground and drink and bathe in it. At first there nothing but mud, but soon the hole turned into a spring of water which Mary promised would be a healing spring for all who came to use its waters. The apparitions were declared authentic in 1862 and Lourdes rapidly became one of the world's major pilgrimage sites. Thousands have been cured from a variety of illnesses, both physical and spiritual, and a clinic to support the millions of pilgrims who come to Lourdes operates to this day.


Darwin published "On the ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES by Means of Natural Selection," putting forth his theory of evolution.

1859 - SOCIAL DARWINISM (Herbert Spencer coined the phrase, "survival of the fittest")

Spencer extended Darwin's evolutionary theory to include ethics. It became the basis for determining the worth of certain classes and races of people (as seen in Hitler's era). We now see this in the ethnic cleansing going on in various countries and races. Here we have the capstone of the Existentialist movement, promoting self esteem and human potential. Only the fittest survive.


Naturalism denied the supernatural, seeking a natural explanation for the existence of the universe. In naturalism, the universe is a closed system of cause and effect because it is not believed that God could transcend this system. Miracles were believed to be impossible. Matter always existed in one form or another.

1859 - NIHILISM:

sought freedom for the individual through rejection of authority and traditional moral obligation. What probably lead to this was the earlier feel good philosophy, with a touch of self-esteem thrown in. This combination would become deadly in the years to come, bringing forth the prideful spirit needed to be prepared for the antichrist.


Spiritualism spread very quickly in this era. One hundred mediums were said to be active in Rochester, NY, only ten years after the Fox sisters started promoting their paranormal experiences and psychic phenomena. As the next section shows, it was time to take some steps toward a New Age.

The First Deliberate Steps Toward A New Age: 1860-1949

The previous 250 years laid a foundation for the spiritual flavor of the next century. The philosophies were set in place, the spirits released into those philosophies and now, during the next 100 years, the foundational systems to contain it all were brought forth. Through these religious systems and philosophies, Satan's spirits began to manifest themselves as guides bearing messages of a hierarchy that would lead humanity into a Golden Age. In these years, books inspired by these spirits were published, the Goddess was revived, and UFOs made a splash as more Eastern influences invaded America. With all of this, there came a meshing of various philosophies, one borrowing the best from other belief systems to mesh with its own. While the public was still unaware of the New Age movement as a formal movement, Satan waited for the first harvest of its growth. He ended this period by announcing the coming of The Christ. All that had been prepared would be capped off with New Agers announcing that the signal to the world to unite for a new humanity had been: Hiroshima.

1860 - BAHA'I WORLD FAITH (founder: Bab, "The Gate")

Influenced by Islam, the Baha'i faith teaches the Unity of all religions and men, a New World Order, and the preparation of the world for the coming of "the Christ." Its world headquarters are located in Jerusalem. Its aim is to become the world religion.


Catholic prophet and mystic St. John Bosco prophesied of the importance of the Pope, Mary and the Eucharist at the end of the age:
"There will be chaos in the Church. Tranquility will not return until the Pope succeeds in anchoring the boat of Peter between the twin pillars of Eucharistic devotion and devotion to Our Lady. This will come about one year before the end of the (20th) century" (parenthesis theirs).

1865 - NEW THOUGHT (founder: Phineas Quimby)

Quimby taught Mental Healing by means of man's supposed innate human potential. His New Thought techniques were an offshoot of Mesmer's "mental healing movement." He was greatly influenced by transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson. He believed in the reincarnation/karma belief of Hinduism.

1865 - THEOSOPHY (founder: medium Madame Blavatsky, the "Godmother Of The New Age Movement")

The roots of Theosophy were taken from Hinduism, Mesmer's "mental healing movement" and the Fox sister s spiritualism. Theosophy was not considered a new religion, but a revival of the "Ancient Wisdom found in all religions." Theosophists believe in the "Great White Brotherhood, also known as the all-knowing Ascended Masters or the spirit-world hierarchy," which Blavatsky said she channeled. Blavatsky s work and writings were to be the very foundation for the plan to be worked out for a New Age, the "Age Of Aquarius." Theosophy teaches reincarnation, karma, "planes of consciousness," bodily auras and chakras as well. Blavatsky published many books on these subjects, the first of their kind in modern times.


This Pope achieves Papal Infallibility at Vatican Council I.


In this book, Darwin said man, having evolved from apes, is a product of Cause and Effect in the universe. This theory negated any attempt to determine what is good and what is evil, making free will an illusion and man the measure of truth. The influence of this theory would become evident in the 1990s when men, including the Church, would become confused as to what was good and what was evil.

1879 - CHRISTIAN SCIENCE (founder: Mary Baker Eddy)

The roots of the Christian Science movement could be found in the Mental Healing/Mind Cure Movement and Mesmer's "mental healing." Eddy taught Divine Metaphysics, using the same methods the Word of Faith movement promotes today: "as you believe [in the mind], so it is [applied to health and wealth and one s overall well-being).

1879 - OUR LADY OF KNOCK Knock, Ireland

In this appearance, Mary and St. Joseph, St. John the Evangelist and an altar, on which stood a lamb and a cross surrounded by angels, were seen by 13 people on the gable wall of a church. The apparitions appeared enveloped in a cloud of light for about two hours. Other villagers, who were not involved with the original sighting of the apparitions, nonetheless reported seeing a very bright light illuminating the area around where the church was located. There were subsequent reports of inexplicable healings associated with these visits to the church.


- Charles Taze Russell began the JW's. Beliefs included that there was no hell, the body of the unbeliever being annihilated at death (taken from the Adventists doctrine). God was not a Trinity, only the Father, Jehovah, being God. Jesus was said to be the Archangel Michael and the Holy Spirit was relegated to a force. Russell said Jesus would return in 19154, but when that did not happen, he said He had returned, but it was in the Spirit, His visible return supposedly coming at a later time in the future. It was Rutherford who changed the name of the sect to Jehovah Witnesses in 1931.


On October 13, 1884 Pope Leo XIII turned ashen white at the end of mass and fell unconscious. In a comatose state, he was given a vision of the future of the Church. He said afterwards, "Oh, what a horrible picture I was permitted to see!" What Leo XIII apparently saw was a period of about one hundred years when the power of Satan would reach its zenith. That period was to be the twentieth century.


Nietzsche published "The Will to Power." He proclaimed "God Is Dead." He wrote that the slave morality, which glorifies the mediocre traits of humility, gentleness, patience, forgiveness and love, should be encouraged for the vast body of inferior men. But those born to be masters or "Supermen" are accountable to themselves. Nietzsche advocated a program of selective breeding to supply the superman class. His writings greatly influenced the philosophy of Hitler's Third Reich, as well as today s global attempt to instill these virtues into the masses through Outcome-Based Education.

1889 - UNITY SCHOOL OF CHRISTIANITY (founders: Charles and Myrtle Filmore)

The Unity School was an offshoot of the New Thought movement, and similar to Christian Science and Church of Religious Science. The Filmores were heavily influenced by Hindu teaching, such as reincarnation/karma and the belief that "God" is a force. They believed that the healing of the body is brought about by uniting oneself with the Divine Mind.


came to America for the FIRST PARLIAMENT ON WORLD RELIGIONS at the Chicago World's Fair. These religions remained and expanded. It was at this Parliament that the Hindu Swami Vivekananada called for a unified world based on Hinduism.


described his use of trance induction and hypnosis as therapeutic procedures to free the unconscious. Many of Freud s procedures were developed through the use of occult practices and techniques.

1913 - ANTHROPOSOPHICAL SOCIETY (founder: Rudolf Steiner)

Anthroposophy means "wisdom of man." Steiner s Society had its roots in Hinduism, and was an offshoot of Theosophy. His belief system makes use of many occultic practices and beliefs, such as the idea that people have truth within themselves and can gain spiritual insight by developing their occult powers through spiritual exercise. His principles are taught through 500 Waldorf schools, a number which has most likely increased since this research was finished.


spreads in America through chapter founded by occultist/writer Harvey Spencer Lewis. (See 1694.)


Heavily into the occult, Jung introduced the "Collective Unconscious," his mystical theory that man's unconscious contains inherited wisdom from his ancestors. He climbed the ladder of occult experience, the last being experiencing the god Mithra before writing his main works.

1917 - FATIMA

It should be said here that when we hit the 1960s, we will see Marian appearances dramatically greatly increase in number. It was through dramatic Marian apparitions like Fatima that the world was prepared to receive less dramatic visions on an increased level all over the world. Fatima had its end-time prophecy of doom and gloom, unless Russia and the world would be consecrated to Mary s Immaculate Heart. By 1980 the prophecies of Fatima would be fulfilled except for the Third Secret. At that point, Medjugorje would come into the spiritual limelight, taking over where Fatima left off.

1920 - SELF-REALIZATION FELLOWSHIP (founder: Paramahansa Yogananda)

The guru Yogananda believed he was "called" to come to America to unite people to God by teaching them Kriya Yoga.


Evolution Vs. Creationism.


Later to be known as Lucis Trust, the Lucifer Publishing Company was founded by Alice Bailey to publish her writings.

1923 - THE ARCANE SCHOOL (founders: Foster and Alice Bailey)

The philosophy of Alice Bailey was actually based on the visions of Madame Blavatsky (Theosophy). Bailey promoted the channeled teaching of "Dwjhal Khul" and "Master Koothumi." Her major purpose was to inform the world of the reality of "the Hierarchy," thus hastening the coming of the New Age "Christ." Her writings are considered to be the bible for the New Age plan now being implemented.


reject Biblical inerrancy and the full authority of God's word.

1926 - UNITED CHURCH OF RELIGIOUS SCIENCE (founder: Ernest Holmes)

The Church of Religious Science was an offshoot of New Thought, Unity Church, and Christian Science. Holmes published "Science Of Mind" magazine, which is still published today. It is heavy in New Age teaching and principles. Holmes believed that when a person realizes his godhood, he becomes "Christ," and can then do supernatural acts through mind power with techniques such as visualization.


John Dewey's first "Humanist Manifesto" Dewey is called the "Father of Progressive Education." He campaigned for the idea of realizing unrealized human potential, labeling the quest for man's fulfillment as the "individualization process," meaning, realization of the Self.

1930 - EXISTENTIALISM matures

Some of the philosophers that brought it to maturity were Heideg- ger, Jaspers, Marcel and Sarte, who taught that man is capable of creating a general meaning for existence.

1933 - "I AM"- ST. GERMAIN CULT (founders: Guy and Edna Ballard)

Beliefs Are heavy Gnosticism, meaning man needs spiritual mediators to attain spiritual knowledge. Believes and promotes the seven "Ascended Masters" of Blavatsky and Bailey. (See 100 AD.)


This book was written by an anonymous "commission of spiritual administrators acting in accordance with a mandate issued by high deity authorities called The Ancient of Days. " A group of 36 people called The Forum meet regularly to study the Book and all of its meaning.


Cayce was called The Sleeping Prophet because of his occult and psychic ability to diagnosis and treat disease while in a trance-like state which looked like he was sleeping. Besides writings on these cures, he wrote on many other subjects concerning the New Age Christ. Today, the A.R.E. promotes and encourages the public use of Cayce's 16,000 channeled readings in their library. Seminars are given on visualization, self-hypnosis, past life regression and psychic guidance. Biographer Jeff Stern called Cayce "The Father Of Holistic Healing."


wrote "Think And Grow Rich," encouraging communication with eight "invisible counselors" contacted through the imagination. His works were a mixture of positive thinking and Spiritualism.

1938 - SCIENTOLOGY/DIANETICS (founder: L. Ron Hubbard)

Hubbard was influenced by psychotherapy, sci-fi, goddess beliefs, Eastern religious philosophies and applied religious technology. Scientology challenges orthodox psychology, proposing that humans are gods who've forgotten who they are, and, through his techniques, can recapture and experience what they have forgotten. The purpose of his organization is primarily the development and control of human thought to affect the body. Man's problems are a result of bad experiences from his past life reincarnations which can be uncovered and solved by astral travel (out-of-body- experience).


revival began with a concentration on the "Mother Earth" doctrine.


told Lucia, the main Seer of Fatima,
"I desire that devotion to the Immaculate Heart of My Mother be placed alongside devotion to My Own Sacred Heart."

By this command, the Sacred Heart set up the path for the spirit posing as Mary to lead the Church to the triumph of unity and then to the reign of the Sacred Heart in the last days.

 Except for a couple of points, I did not spend a lot of time on these next few items, but only want to mention them so we see how suddenly, out of the blue, everyone began to move in the direction of implementing their agendas to move into a new world order. The Devil began to orchestrate his end-plan which would only shorten his time to ultimate defeat as he progressed. The date in relation to what follows about Creme and Hubbard is, I believe, very significant.

1945 - UNITED NATIONS formed.


Though not born then, Hubbard refers to this year in the following quote, which states that 1945 was indeed the year which began the march toward a new age in the history of humanity:
"The birth pangs reached critical intensity with the explosion of the first atomic bomb in 1945. This was the signal that humanity could destroy its womb or co-create new worlds on Earth and in space. An irreversible birth process began. We could never return to the prenatal period. The Cosmic Child, humanity, had discovered the invisible technologies of creation and destruction. We could not unlearn it. We had to go forward with our birth to become a godlike species, or destroy ourselves in the process of birth. . . . The next turn on the spiral . . . , [was] revealing the 'synergy' . . ., the separate parts of humanity . . . coming together to form a whole that is greater than and unpredictable from the sum of its parts. Synergy feels like love, loving one another as ourselves. We are, in fact, one body!"
Notice that this love and unity theme is strong in the Church revival as well, with truth not being allowed a voice.


Benjamin Creme, the channeler for Lord Maitreya, said basically the same thing as Hubbard did about 1945.
"The signal for [Maitreya's] return was given in 1945 at the end of the war. The Lord Maitreya announced His intention to return once again - not taking over the vehicle of one of His disciples - but to come Himself in His own full physical presence, bringing a large group of His disciples, the Masters of Wisdom, with Him."
Maitreya's coming will result in the human race realizing godhood and being lifted up to its assigned place within the Hierarchy, an agenda of love that was and is basically the same as Hubbard s:
"We are entering the 'crisis of love.' This is the experience which the human race faces as it enters that period in its evolutionary journey when it will, as a whole, demonstrate the quality of Love and take its place in the Kingdom of Souls, the Esoteric Hierarchy."

1947 - UFOs

Jet pilot Ken Arnold's sighting of UFOs incited public awareness.


The term "NEW AGE" was used for the first time by Alice Bailey. She channeled "THE PLAN" for the Universe from the "Ascended Masters" (See 1923).


begin forming.




DuPlessis, called Mr. Pentecost, would be the bridge in the 1960s between the Pentecostals and Catholic Charismatics. he called for full, global ecumenicity among the churches of the world.

1949 - SILVA MIND CONTROL (founder: Jose' Silva)

Silva fostered the manipulation of brain waves, enabling the mind to reach beneficial states of consciousness so man can learn to be the master of his universe. These states are reached by the use of visualization and occult meditations, whereby one attains "Christ-consciousness" and meets his life-long spirit guide.

 Everything was in place, and the signal had been given: unite or perish as a planet. New religions and new, intriguing organizations and philosophies would appear to bring all of this preparation to the public at large. Many of these religions were based on a combination of Spiritualism, Mind Power, Eastern mysticism, the ancient Mystery religions, and the various philosophies of "The Enlightenment" which had already fostered modern humanism. New names, acceptable names suited to the times, were given them. Very few people, if any, realized what was happening behind the scenes.