Titus      Proper Christian Behavior    The Revealed Translation


Titus One    “Proper Christian Behavior in Leadership”


Titus 1:1  From Paul, a servant of God and apostle of Jesus Christ, sent to bring faith to God's chosen people to live in truth and godliness,


Titus 1:2  and retain hope of eternal life that our truthful God promised us before time began.


Titus 1:3  God chose the right time to reveal the good news of His word through preaching and He commanded me , through our Savior, to declare His message.


Titus 1:4  To my true son, Titus, in our bond of  faith. May grace, mercy, and peace be upon you from God the Father and our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.


Titus 1:5  I left you in Crete and commanded you to organize and appoint Elders in the churches of each city.


Titus 1:6  Each Elder must be of good conduct, a faithful husband of one wife, with obedient and non rebellious children that follow the Lord.


Titus 1:7  Each Bishop must be of good conduct, good managers of God’s work, and not seekers of selfish desires. They must not be domineering, arrogant, quick tempered, or prone to drinking liquor, violent, intimidating, or greedy for money.


Titus 1:8  They must be hospitable to strangers, loving goodness, sensibility, fairness, purity, and practicing self control.


Titus 1:9  They must remain loyal to the faithful message they were taught to encourage, train, and defend others in these principles and correct those who oppose it.


Titus 1:10  There are many rebellious Jewish followers of the circumcision ritual that fool others with clever words.


Titus 1:11  They must be silenced because they mislead entire families with their false teachings for financial gain.


Titus 1:12  Even their own poet, Epimenides,  declared these Jews of Crete as liars, evil beasts, and lazy gluttons.


Titus 1:13  This is a true saying about them and you must warn and discipline them to correct their faith.


Titus 1:14  Ignore their Jewish fables and man made doctrines created by them who turn from the truth.


Titus 1:15  All things are seen as clean for the pure in heart but nothing is clean to the corrupt unbeliever with a defiled mind and conscience.


Titus 1:16  They claim to know God, but their offensive actions deny Him and their disobedient lifestyles disqualify them for any good service.


    Titus Two    “Proper Christian Behavior in the Church”


Titus 2:1  Speak and live these proper teachings:


Titus 2:2  That the mature men maintain self-control, remain serious, sensible, even tempered, faithful, loving, and patient.


Titus 2:3  That the mature women serve the Lord, remaining serious, avoiding gossip and excessive drinking, and teaching good things


Titus 2:4  to the younger women to love their husbands and children,


Titus 2:5  remain wise and pure, and be obedient homemakers to their husbands so that no one can say insulting things about God's message.


Titus 2:6  Encourage the young men to live in self-control.


Titus 2:7  Show a good example for others with integrity, sincerity, and seriousness when you teach.


Titus 2:8  Speak clean words no one can criticize so that your enemies will be too ashamed to say anything against you.


Titus 2:9  Tell workers to please their supervisors with obedience and without disrespect or rudeness.


Titus 2:10  Do not steal from them but remain honest and trustworthy so that others will love the teachings of  God our Savior.


Titus 2:11  The kindness of God’s salvation has been presented to all people,


Titus 2:12  so that they may avoid wickedness, worldly desires, maintain self control, and live decent and honest lifestyles in these present evil times,


Titus 2:13  as we wait with anticipation for the blessed hope of the glorious appearing and return of our great God and Savior - Jesus Christ.


Titus 2:14  He gave up His life as a purchase for us, rescuing and cleansing us from evil, setting us aside as His own people, to desire doing good things.


Titus 2:15  Use your full authority to declare and encourage others with this message and correct those that despise you for it.


Titus Three  “Proper Christian Behavior in the World”


Titus 3:1  Remind your people to always obey their supervisors and always be ready to do the right thing.


Titus 3:2  Avoid cruel comments about others and do not be argumentative but stay gentle and humble with everyone.


Titus 3:3  We used to be stupid, foolish, disobedient, deceived, and slaves to selfish desires and pleasures. We were full of envy, hateful, and hated by others.


Titus 3:4  But God, our Savior, revealed His good kindness and love towards us.


Titus 3:5  God saved us by His mercy, not by any good works we have done. He washed away our sins by the regenerating power of the Holy Spirit and renewed us through the new birth and gave us a new beginning.


Titus 3:6  God abundantly poured His Holy Spirit upon us because of what Jesus Christ, our Savior, did for us.


Titus 3:7  God pardoned us, by His good kindness, made us acceptable to Him, and adopted us into His inheritance and hope of eternal life.


Titus 3:8 These faithful teachings are true and profitable for everyone. Insist that all who have faith in God will follow them and practice good deeds to benefit everyone.

Titus 3:9  Avoid useless arguments about genealogies and the Laws of the Old Testament.


Titus 3:10  Give warnings to those that cause trouble and avoid socializing with them.


Titus 3:11  For they have twisted the truth and their sins bring their judgment.


Titus 3:12  After I send Artemas or Tychicus to you, try  to meet me at Nicopolis because I have decided to spend the winter there.


Titus 3:13  Equip Zenas, the lawyer, and Apollos with as much as possible so they will have everything they need for their trip.


Titus 3:14  And be sure our people are productive in meeting important needs.


Titus 3:15  Greetings to you and all of our friends who share in our love and faith. I pray the Lord is kind to all of you. Amen