32 Countdown Events Towards the Last 7 Years of The Apocalypse

        ( The Rapture - The 7 Year Tribulation - The Second Coming)


               + Prophetic Relevance of Events and current spiritual events   


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PRESENT events taking place before the Apocalypse

1. Wars, Earthquakes and Natural Disasters

+ Disasters greatly increase in the last days.

Matt 24:6-8 1917+
  • British (Allenby) captures Jerusalem -- Islamic rule in Palestine ends as Turkish Ottoman empire is destroyed.
  • Balfour Treaty allows Jews to return to Holy Land ending 1800 year lockout.
  • May 13, first of 3 Fatima visions occurs. In the first, Lucia foresees that WW I will end and be followed by WW II  In the second, she is commanded to order everyone to pray for the conversion of Russia In the third, kept secret by the Vatican for over 80 years, she foresees the assassination of the Pope.
  • Oct. 25, Communists sieze power in Russia, set up secular, anti-christ state.
  • USA declares war on Germany
  • 2. Jewish Remnant Return to Israel (Zion - the Promised Land)

    + Replacement theology is rebuked as The fig tree (Israel) experienced a rebirth as a nation again in the last days. The nation of Israel was driven from her land in 70 AD. For almost 2,000 years, Many cults claim to be the new Israel as the Jewish people existed without a homeland; yet, while being sifted through the nations, they retained their identity.  In 1948, the Jewish people would have their own nation and would become the premier military power in the Middle East by 1967, this was prophesied over 2,500 years ago. The prophecy of Ezekiel 37 is called Ezekiel's bone yard. Verse 12 states: Thus says the Lord GOD; Behold, O my people, I will open your graves, and cause you to come up out of your graves, and bring you into the land of Israel. The last part of this prophecy states that it will come to pass in the latter days, just before the Battle of Armageddon. It is at Armageddon that Jesus returns to earth.

    Isaiah 66:8   

    Ezekiel 36:24

    Ezekiel 37:1-14

    Zephaniah 3:10-11

    Luke 21:29-31

    1948 - 1967 - 1973 - 1984
  • UN General Assembly votes to partition Palestine into two states: one Jewish; the other Palestinian.
  • 'Cold War' begins ­ Pits communism against democracy.
  • World civilization alerted to 'doomsday clock' ­ with hands near midnight. Clock created by atomic energy scientists, not religious zealots.
  • May 14 1948 - Jewish nation of Israel founded by U.N. mandate.
  • 3. The Rise of the New Age Movement  (Age of Aquarius)

    + The grassroots of Interfaithism and the One World Religion (Ecumenism)

    Matthew 24:11-24

    I Timothy 4:1

    4. China's Economic and Military Might

    + This prophecy reveals that an army of 200 million will trigger a war that will kill one-third of the world's population of two billion people. The late leader of China, Mao Tse Tung, bragged that he could field an army of 200 million soldiers. The 1999 Fact Book, put out by the CIA, stated that China had 198 million men of military age (15-49).

    That number went over the 200 million mark as of the year 2000.

    Revelation 9:15-16 1981+
  • Reagan inaugurated president; Iran releases American embassy hostages ­Jan. 20.
  • AIDS plague begins.
  • Virgin Mary widely reported to have appeared in Medjugorje Yugoslavia. Warns a group of children of a "great event" about to happen there. Says this will be her last appearance on earth before the end of the world and the return of her Son.
  • Israel destroys Iraqi atomic reactor. ­June 7
  • 1984 - U.S. Congress rejects bill to allow prayer in public schools.
  • 5. US, RU, EU, UN Quartet of World Order

     World Community of Democracies

    + The Bible reveals the emergence of a system of world government on earth for the immediate future. The UN and EU provide a blueprint structure for global world governance. A powerful political leader will rule it, Revelation 13:7 says, "And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindred's, and tongues, and nations." Notice that this coming world government will have power over all nations. The leader of this world government, a man the Bible calls the Antichrist, will make war against true Christians that will be on earth at the time. The same prophecy is given in Daniel 7:21-23, "I beheld, and the same horn made war with the saints, and prevailed against them. The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it into pieces." Both of these prophecies, though written seven hundred years apart, foretell a government that will rule over all the earth. They also state that the ruler of the prophesied world government will launch a time of terrible religious persecution. These scriptures clearly indicate that the prophesied world government will become tyrannical and will support the satanically inspired reign of the Antichrist.

    The quality of global governance will be determined by several factors. High among them is the broad acceptance of a global civic ethic to guide action within the global neighborhood. People will see with new eyes and understand with new minds before they can truly turn to new ways of living. Global Values will become the Cornerstone of Global Governance.

    Over the past ten years, many people and organizations have attempted to formulate a belief system that could serve as the global ethic for the emerging system of global governance.

    Revelation 13:7 

    Daniel 7:21-23

    Ezekiel 38:2-8

    1989+ Violence erupts over Israeli military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
  • First Gulf War breaks out near the Euphrates, contemporizing the visions of Daniel.
  • Flown in from across the western world, allied troops number 700,000 (425,000 American).
  • Scud missiles hit Israel.
  • Saddam Hussein of Iraq defeated, but allowed by President Bush to remain in power.
  • Slovenia secedes from Yugoslavia after bitter fighting.
  • 6. Reservoir Built to Dry Euphrates River - The Ataturk Dam

    + The prophecy of Revelation 16:12 has lain quietly for almost 2,000 years, virtually defying fulfillment. It declares that the mighty Euphrates River will be dried up at the time of the Battle of Armageddon.  The front page of the Indianapolis Star, January 13, 1990.  read, "Flow of Euphrates To Be Stopped for 30 Days."

    The article explained that Turkey had built the huge Ataturk Dam. Thirty days would be required to fill up the newly constructed reservoir. So the Euphrates was temporarily stopped.

    The river is flowing again now. However, as of 1990, the mechanism is in place that can stop the flow of the Euphrates at will. Revelation 16:12 states that, at the time of Armageddon, the flow of the Euphrates will be dried up to facilitate the invasion of Israel. It will really be very simple. Just push the button, raise the dam, and the Euphrates stops.

    Revelation 16:12 1990 - Democracy sweeps to victory over communism. Soviet Union dissolved.

    Berlin wall comes down as E. Europe ends Cold War.

    Leningrad renamed St. Petersburg

    June 23, The Labor Party of Yitzhak Rabin elected to power in Israel.

    Bosnia-Herzogovina vote to secede from Yugoslavia blocked. Ferocious Serbian war begins; Sarajevo destroyed in siege.

    7. Global Terrorism

    +Wars, Unrest, and rumors of Wars

    Matthew 24:6-7 1990
    8. Apostasy in the True Christian Church

    + Backsliders and Scoffers in the last days.

    + Rise of the Positive Gospel Movement & Easy Beliefism

    + Rise of the Emergent (Emerging) Church Movement

    + the merging of all denominations

    I Timothy 4:1-3

    Revelation 3:15



    9. Appearance of the Red Heifer

    + A one month old red heifer, born in Israel, has been validated by rabbis to be kosher. This heifer could be a candidate used in the process of purification described in the book of Numbers 19. This is an important development towards the rebuilding of the Third Temple. Without the ashes of a perfect red heifer, the Jews could not be purified, and enabled to rebuild the Third Temple. If this heifer turns out to be an acceptable sacrifice it will awaken the desire of many Israelis and Jews worldwide to rebuild the Third Temple and prepare the way for their Messiah.

    Since there is no temple on the Temple Mount at this present time, we know that one will have to be built. However, the Old Testament teaches that a person, who has become unclean through contact with a dead body, may not go up to the sanctuary of the Lord. Religious Jews believe that all Jewish people are presently in a state of uncleanness. Thus they do not believe they can build their temple at this time even though many of them long to. The Jewish religious authorities have said that Jews should not even go onto the Temple Mount until the necessary means for cleansing from contact with a dead body becomes available.

    The biblically prescribed method of being purified from contact with a dead body is described in Numbers 19. A red heifer of the third year must be killed, its body burned, and then the ashes mingled in water. By washing in this mixture, a person is cleansed from contact with the dead.

    Many religious Jews in Israel today believe that the time has come to rebuild their temple. They are busily reconstructing the vessels and utensils necessary for restoring temple worship. They are also actively training young rabbis in the different ceremonies of the temple services.  The red heifer's owner contacted the Temple Institute, on Friday, April 5th, 2002, Rabbi Menachem Makover and Rabbi Chaim Richman traveled to the farm where the heifer is located, to inspect and validate her status. The rabbis found her to be kosher and were satisfied that this heifer could indeed be a candidate to be used in the process of purification described in the book of Numbers, chapter 19. This is a prerequisite for the rebuilding of the Holy Temple. Tradition records that a red heifer in our generation is a herald of the messianic era. It is certainly an important development towards the rebuilding of the Third Temple.

    God no longer dwells in temples made with hands. Consequently, Christians do not need  a temple to be constructed on the Temple Mount. We also know that Jesus Christ was the final sacrifice for sin and uncleanness; therefore, Christians have no need of a red heifer. The appearance of a red heifer and the possibility of building the temple in Jerusalem have nothing to do with salvation. But it has much to do with the fulfillment of one of the major prophecies for the times just ahead. Prophecy reveals a temple will be standing in the end times and that the Antichrist will stand in that temple claiming to be God.

    Numbers 19:2-7 1997 Red Heifer

    1993 - September 13, historic peace agreement between Israel and PLO. The PLO recognized Israel's right to exist and Israel recognized the PLO as the Palestinian's representative; the two sides then signed an agreement for limited Palestinian self-rule in the West Bank and in Gaza.

  • 1994 - U.S. Supreme Court outlaws the Ten Commandments from courthouse display.
  • A Christian spiritual renewal spreads across U.S.A.; changes congressional power balance.
  • President Clinton brokers peace declaration between Israel and Jordan ­July 25
    Israel and Jordan sign a declaration in Washington D.C. ending their 46-year state of war.
    A formal peace treaty signed ­ Oct. 26.
  • Israeli and Arab extremists repeatedly challenge the peace accord.
  • 9. Dwindling Oil Supplies and Natural Resources

    + Economic upset draws power back to Europe

    Revelation 17-18 1994+
    10. The Rise of the Interfaith Movement and United Religions

    +  Modeled after the U.N. The U.R. will have a General Assembly, a security council and a Secretary -General and is intended to be for religions, what the U.N. is for nations. Rather than the light of Christ, the U.R. will shine, declares Bishop Swing, "the light of the world's spiritual traditions [paganism and occultism included] into a world desperately in need of light." [Catholic Family News Oct. 1996 Vol. 3 Issue no. 10]

    The new world religion, now in the world's birth canal, will not be Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Wicca, or Muslim. It will be Interfaithism -- the belief that all religions, while different on the surface, are each valid pathways to God.

    How will the needed harmony among the world's religions be achieved? How will it be possible to convince multitudes of world religious leaders to compromise on their doctrines of religious exclusivity for the greater good that the Globalists say will come to humanity? An atmosphere of tolerance and mutual respect must be created.

    Unbeknownst to the majority of people on earth, the creation of such an atmosphere has been well underway for many decades. It is only now, since the quest is virtually achieved, that the planners are going public. This is why organizations like the United Religions can gain so much influence so quickly. This also explains why Pope John Paul II was willing to declare in 1994 that Muslims also have salvation. (See Catechism of the Catholic Church, pg. 242-243) While this declaration is as untrue today as it was a few decades ago, times are different. Today, the declaration is applauded.

    Since the 1950's, the United Nations, led by its visionary ""Prophet, Robert Muller, has been on a specific and premeditated course to unite the world's religions. In his book, New Genesis: Shaping a Global Spirituality, Muller does not hide the agenda. He explains how his Catholic upbringing led him to ultimately embrace Buddhism, the atheistic religion of UN Secretary General U Thant who was his immediate superior at the UN for many years. Muller calls for a UN-led global government and global religion as mankind's only hope.

    Another man who has had extreme influence upon the "religion of the UN and EU" is Hindu guru Sri Chimnoy. He writes, "No human force will ever be able to destroy the United Nations, for the United Nations is not a mere building or a mere idea; it is not a man-made creation. The United Nations is the vision-light of the Absolute Supreme, which is slowly, steadily, and unerringly illuminating the ignorance, the night of our human life. The divine success and supreme progress of the United Nations is bound to become a reality. At his choice hour, the Absolute Supreme will ring his own victory bell here on Earth through the loving and serving heart of the United Nations""

    The first groundbreaking ecumenical interfaith conference of the Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions dates back to 1893. So we see that the desire to establish a new religion based on a compromised version of many religions is not new at all. In addition to Christians, Hindus, Jews, and Muslims, attending 1993's CPWR, were voodoo and druid priests, witches, snake charmers, Zoroastrian sun worshippers, and representatives of Lucis Trust, an organization whose original name was Lucifer Publishing Company.

    Included in the concepts being promoted by the CPWR (www.cpwr.org) are the need for an international order of peace, world disarmament, world courts, global control over property rights and natural resources, and global economic laws which they consider fair.

    Another organization dressed in religion, yet having the same political agenda, is the World Council of Churches, founded in 1948. In 1994 at a meeting in Jerusalem, the WCC stated, ""After the Second World War, the establishment of the World Council of Churches signaled the resolve of the ecumenical community both to work for the fuller unity of the church and to participate in the struggle for a new just world order.""

    1996 was the signing of the United Religions Initiative. The initiative seeks to bring religions and spiritual traditions to a common table, a permanent, daily, global assembly. There, respecting each other's distinctness, they will seek to make peace among religions so they might work together for the good of all life and the healing of the earth.

    In late June, 1999, the United Religion's annual San Francisco conference wrapped up, with their charter now virtually finalized and ready for ratification. Since each of our religions will soon be asked to join this organization and commit to its precepts, it would be interesting to understand from where the UR is coming on certain issues of significance to Bible-believing Christians. For this, we go to the charter.

    We first read that ""the United Religions is a bridge-building organization and not a religion."" We notice, however, that the UR does have a theology. They say, ""Religion is concerned with the relationship of human beings with their spiritual Origin. We believe in the universality and eternity of the Spirit. We believe that all religions derive their wisdom from that ultimate Source.""

    While there is some measure of comfort that the words Origin and Source are capitalized, it is difficult for a Bible-believer to agree that Wicca, Zoroastrians, and Luciferians, to name but a few UR member religions, derive their wisdom from God. Lucifer is not God (see Isaiah 14:12).

    The charter goes on, ""The United Religions promotes dialogue. A theology of acceptance will help the world's people explore common ground. Our awareness of unity within religious diversity promotes ever-increasing kinship.""

    Whatever theology we adhere to, it must include acceptance. This means acceptance of Lucifer, Allah, Brahma, and Buddha. We are then told that, as part of our theology, we must learn from these religions and embrace them. This is Interfaithism.

    ""We believe, the charter continues, ""that the wisdom of our religious and spiritual traditions should be shared for the health and well being of all. Therefore, as communities of faith and interdependent people rooted in our faith, we now unite for the sake of peace and healing among religions, peoples and nations, and for the benefit of the earth and all living beings.""

    The God described in the Bible does not embrace diversity when it crosses the line to pagan worship. His people are to be a separated people. The UR, however, ""embraces all our diversity... We share a profound respect for the sacred source and wisdom of each religion."" But do all religions come from a sacred source?

    In other parts of the charter, we see direct connections to the United Nations. The United Religions endorses the UN's International Criminal Court. ""We unite to support freedom of religion and belief and the rights of all individuals, as set forth in international law."

    Other ""non-religious"" items on the UR's agenda include open support of the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities. They parrot UN policy on ""Sustainable and Just Economics."" The UR charter defines Sustainable Economics as ""an economic system that utilizes the world's finite resources prudently and sparingly."" Just Economics is a system in which created wealth is distributed in a fair and equitable manner... Currently, a tremendous gap exists between the rich and the poor. The twenty richest nations contain 17% of the world's population, yet own 75% of the world's wealth.""

    Is it coincidence that wealth redistribution is also the central plank of Communism? Is it coincidence that the UR is based at the Presidio in San Francisco, the same place as Mikhail Gorbachev's U.S. Headquarters? Gorbachev, the man who allegedly killed Communism, still openly admits he is a communist.

    "The human community and the natural world will go into the future as a single sacred community, or we will both perish," begins the UR's dissertation on environmentalism. ""We live in an interdependent web of life; all living beings are both sacred and connected. Recent human activities, which have taken place in aggressive opposition to nature, have resulted in an ecological crisis that includes: deforestation, the loss of wild lands, overpopulation, the loss of productive agricultural lands, degradation of the resources of the water planet, dependence on non-renewable energy sources, and extinction of species.""

    The suggestion is made to increase global awareness of this serious environmental crisis. The UR proposed solution is to promote ""solstice and equinox festivals which celebrate the changes on the planet."" As incredible as it may seem, the intention appears to be the revival of pagan sun and moon worship. Don't be surprised if we see Christmas, in the future, replaced by or merged with a celebration of the winter solstice's birth of the pagan sun god.

    The United Religions intends ""to lead the way in addressing the issue of global climate changes, by modeling the use of new, renewable energy sources and energy-efficient technologies, and creating pressure for lower-cost sources of renewable energy.""

    A spiritual component is being planned for the opening ceremonies of the first Olympics in the new millennium, scheduled for Salt Lake City. The UR has plans to participate in the high profile opening ceremonies.

    The United Nations needs the United Religions. As explained in the charter, ""There is a dire need to revisit the global economic system from a religious/spiritual perspective in order to make some fundamental changes."" Efforts by the UN in this direction are often frustrated by the domination of national interests in that body. In addition, the corporate sector's dominance of world economic practice lacks a moral, socially responsible foundation.

    Without religious unity, world government has no chance. Hence The United Religions.

    Perhaps the most noteworthy contribution to humanity from the CPWR is its endorsement and promotion of a document called ""Towards a Global Ethic, An Initial Declaration," written by Hans Kung, a Catholic theologian, and associate Robert Muller. His global ethic, which is fast being adopted as Interfaithism's creed, outlines a set of basic core values to which all of the world's religions can agree as one.

    One of those core values is to believe that each religion is a valid pathway to God. A Bible-based Christian cannot accept this. Bible-based Christianity is held as a threat to the New World Order. The battle is spiritual.

    As globalism expert Gary Kah reports in his new book, The New World Religion, ""Mr. Kung makes clear that participation in this new ""ethic"" (religion) will not be optional. He states, ""Any form of... church conservatism is to be rejected... To put it bluntly: no regressive or repressive religion -- whether Christian, Islamic, Jewish or of whatever provenance -- has a long-term future... If ethics is to function for the well-being of all, it must be indivisible. The undivided world increasingly needs an undivided ethic. Post modern men and women need common values, goals, ideals, visions. But the great question in dispute is: does not all this presuppose a religious faith?... What we need is an ecumenical world order.

    Kung's global ethic takes platforms of justice and peace, women's rights, environmentalism, and tolerance of sin, and turns them into humanistic commandments that replace the Ten Commandments.

    The United Nations is behind the United Religions. They call themselves sister organizations, but the fact is, one gave birth to the other.

    Any nation that does not bend to the will of the International Community faces economic sanctions or military action. The time will soon come when economic sanctions will be imposed at the individual level. Individuals will be forced to pledge allegiance to the EU, United Nations and its now-forming world religion. If they refuse, they will be boycotted by the cashless society of the New World Order. They will not be permitted to buy or sell.

    "Ecumenism" is the movement to unify all Christian religions. Ecumenism has now largely been accomplished. Most all of Christianity has come into unity of belief. Now we are moving from Ecumenism to Interfaithism.

    "Interfaithism is for broad-thinking, better-educated people." We must realize that most of the world is not Christian, and that there are other ways of looking at God. There are other names used for God. Consequently, Interfaithism is good. So Pastor Dan Rosemergy, chairman of Interfaith Alliance of Middle Tennessee says that "parents also should open children to respect for different expressions of God through other world faiths."  Emphasis on sin, hell and damnation can overshadow the supportive, encouraging, reassuring and loving aspects of faith." Conclusion? Don't preach on sin. Don't preach on hell. And don't preach on damnation, because you will hurt people doing that. It will destroy the supportive, encouraging, reassuring and loving aspects of faith.

    Jesus Christ just got kicked out the side door, for He spoke quite a bit about sin, hell and damnation. But apparently we should not. Let's go on: "Be prepared for intellectual talks about faith and religion, Wellborn suggests. Adolescents define themselves by "bumping against authority,' he explains." Authority? What authority? God. Your kids will be challenging faith and challenging God. "Although this phase will pass, he says, emphasize the importance of your spirituality as family tradition. "The deeper and more clearly you demonstrate and express the role of faith in your life,' Wellborn says, the better it is for your kids. Because many temples, synagogues, mosques and churches emphasize inclusion and acceptance,' Wellborn says, spiritual networks can be havens for youth who cherish the company of folks with similar values.'"

    United Religions claims that it is not forming a new religion. In fact, they are. It is called Interfaithism, and it appears almost certain that it will be the structure over which the False Prophet will preside. It will be the vehicle that the Antichrist will use to enforce conformity to his unbiblical New World Order. It is no accident that United Religions is being done hand-in-glove with the United Nations.  Protestants, Catholics, Jewish rabbis, Muslims, Buddhists, Wiccans (Wicca means witch; they are very well accepted at these meetings), the Indigenous (Native Americans who worship the great white spirit).  They all gather to celebrate one god, whatever you call him, and they come together in a spirit of cooperation.

    Their constitution was signed on the same day of the year the United Nations constitution was signed. The original stated plan was to sign it in the same room in San Francisco's Fairmont Hotel as the UN signing, but for some reason the plans were changed and the signing was moved to Pittsburgh.

    Here is the official logic behind United Religions: All of the world's political leaders get together every day to talk in a forum called the UN. They get along. They have moved from a state of constant conflict to a state of harmony. To speak of the World Community is to speak of truth, peace, tolerance and love. When the World Community speaks, it is basically with one voice. And yet the religious leaders of the world won't even speak to each other at all!

    This is critical to understand. The Bible teaches of a time when every person will have to worship the one-world governmental beast. The religions of the world will play the role of partner in this prophesied system of global governance. The Bible teaches there will be two leaders on the earth ń the Antichrist and the False Prophet. The latter will use his influence to have the people on earth worship the Antichrist and his global system. Those who do not voluntarily go under the influence "the ones who just don't get it" will be forced. Economic pressure will be applied.

    Dissent will no longer be tolerated. A de facto mandate for peace will be issued from the four billion who survive. We must learn tolerance and appreciation, and frankly, the sooner the better. That's the reason we are teaching today that "parents also should open children to respect for different expressions of God through other world faiths."

    Remember, Interfaithism is for broad-thinking, better-educated people. Here's what Gorbachev means. Extirpate means to kill off. He is saying that we must kill off all religious exclusiveness.

    You will continue to hear repeatedly that all religions are really worshiping the same god. Global spirituality, a term you will hear of more and more, is the belief that there is a divine order to life. If you believe there is a divine order, even if you think you are god yourself, then you are a spiritual person. If we are really worshipping the same god as all other religions, then Baal is a legitimate god, as well as Ashtoreth and Chemosh.

    Their logical conclusion is that God was unjust for punishing the Israelites for worshiping other gods since they are just other names for the one true God.

    Matt 24:11-24

    I Tim 4:1

    Isaiah 14:12

    1995 - NATO warplanes bomb Bosnia Serbs in attempt to quiet Balkan unrest.

    U.S. Supreme Court bans school prayer.

    In other decisions, court remains hostile to religious expressions in civic affairs.

    In near apocalyptic wording, a U.N. Science Council Report warns of catastrophic effects across the world during the next hundred years as global warming rapidly accelerates.

    Scientists say most of the world's coastal cities will be inundated by advancing tides caused by polar ice cap melting during this period.

    Holes in the ozone layer continue to widen as sun-induced skin cancer reaches near-epidemic proportions worldwide.

    Yitzhak Rabin assassinated. On November 4, while conducting a peace rally in Tel Aviv,

    Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by an Orthodox Israeli bent on protecting Israel's settlements in Arab land.

    Peaceful solution to the Arab-Israeli hostilities destroyed by the killing.

  • 1996 - The President of Russia leads Easter mass in resurrected Moscow church. ­ 4/14/96 This confirms second Fatima prophecy, the conversion of Russia.
  • Rabin's successor, Shimon Perez loses support following a renewal of Islamic militant suicide attacks on Israel. In retaliation, Israel attacks militant bases in southern Lebanon.
  • U.S. Supreme court rules in favor of sweeping gay rights. 5/20/96
  • Pushing security issues, Benjamin Netanyahu elected prime minister of Israel. 5/29/96.
  • US President Clinton hosts new peace talks between Arafat & Netanyahu after Israel sparks intense Muslim demonstrations by opening a tunnel underneath their sacred holy place, the 'Dome of the Rock' in Jerusalem. 10/1/96.
  • U.S. Supreme court re-affirms decision to ban school prayer. 11/4/96
  • 1997 - Anti-God warfare against Christians grows (especially in public schools).
  • U.S. Supreme Court Outlaws Religious Freedom Act, killing Federal measure Congress had designed to expand and protect the freedom of religion in America. 6/25/97
  • U.S. Supreme Court outlaws Internet Decency Act. 6/26/97
  • 1998 - President Clinton argues against School Prayer Amendment. 5/30/98.
  • Right to Prayer Amendment defeated in U.S. House of Representatives. 6/5/98.
  • Los Angeles court rules against man who purchased rental space on school billboard, saying he may not post the Ten Commandments there.
  • Scores of churches burned down across the United States.
  • Netanyahu and Arafat sign peace accord brokered by US President Clinton. 10/23/98
  • Israel to recognize the PLO and give Palestine several areas of land for an independent state in the West Bank in return for promise of end of violence. This treaty not ratified until Sept. 1999.
  • Explicit sex talk and savage violence rampant on family TV shows and in movies.
  • The U.S. House of Representatives votes to impeach the President of the United States for immoral behavior in office. 12/20/98
  • Belarus and Russia agree to unite their countries into a single state. 12/25/98
  • Pacific Ocean's greatest 'El Nino' current wreaks havoc on earth, producing mammoth fires, famine and drought in many places; huge floods in others.
  • U.S. spacecraft lands on Mars.
  • 1999 - World population tops 6 billion people.
  • Coming "millennium" is dreaded.
  • 'End of the world' prophecies flourish in magazines, books and on the internet.
  • Hate crimes grow -- mass shootings occur in schools, church and synagogue.
  • Great earthquakes in Turkey and Taiwan leave thousands dead.
  • Wars and rumors of war continue unabated; include Kosovo, Indonesia, Somalia, Cechnya and Iraq.
  • Sept. - West Bank treaty between Palestine and Israel ratified.
  • 3/4 million Muslim Kosovo Albanian refugees flee for lives in Yugoslavian bloodbath.

    Balkans in flames. 72-day NATO war ensues

    60,000 NATO troops; 20,000 Americans sent to area

  • 2000 - Netanyahu loses election by a landslide to Ehud Barak. Hard liners take power in Israel. 5/17/00.
  • Vatican reveals to the world the third prophecy of Fatima (assassination of the Pope). 5/13/00
  • September - Resurgence of Intifada. Bloody era in Israeli-Palestinian fighting begins.
  • Ariel Sharon sees Israeli settlements in occupied Arab territory as a strategic imperative insuring Israeli security. Construction pace of Israeli settlements in the Arab lands of the West Bank increases dramatically.
  • 2001 - Arab-Israel peace process disintegrates.
  • Refusing to change its mind, the U.S. Supreme court again rules (6-3) that display of the Ten Commandments on public buildings or land is illegal; forcing removal throughout the country. 5/29/01
  • Sept. 11 - Trade Center Disaster ­9/11/01
  • The twin towers of the World Trade Center are destroyed in New York by terrorists hijacking passenger planes. Other planes head for Washington D.C. One crashes in a field and the other strikes the Pentagon.
  • President Bush compares 9/11 to 'Pearl Harbor' ­ the first battle in a western war against eastern terrorism.
  • USA "Declares war" on Muslim terrorists; invades Afghanistan. 9/12/02.
  • Daniel's "Chapter 8:5-8" prophecy continues to unfold.
  • Major Business recession begins.
  • 11. The Ark of Hope and The Earth Charter

    + As the Ten Commandments are being systematically removed from society, the United Nations is instituting a new creed to replace them. It ís called the Earth Charter.

    In the Bible, the Ark of the Covenant contained the Ten Commandments. A new ark has been created, designed to look very much like the original biblical ark. It is being called "The Ark of Hope" This new ark, too, contains commandments, only they are not commandments of which God would be proud. It is the Earth Charter that dwells in the Ark of Hope.

    The Ark of Hope ís physical shape is straight from the Bible. The similarities are blatant. Its decor, however, is purely satanic. In fact, it is a mockery.

    What is the Earth Charter? It is the brainchild of former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and Maurice Strong, a Canadian who was appointed by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to head up reforming the UN. The UN is the only organization on earth designed to become a one-world government. Strong, one of the most influential globalists in the world, was given the task of preparing the world for global governance in the 21st Century.

    The Earth Charter is, in fact, being promoted as the basis for a new social and religious order.

    The Ark of Hope, built to house and honor the Earth Charter document, is carrying a handwritten copy of the charter to the summit. The ark was presented to the United Nations where it remained for quite some time as a major display item a sacred relic for the world. It has since been taken to various Interfaith conferences and celebrations in the eastern U.S. to generate support for endorsement of the Earth Charter prior to its arrival in South Africa.

    The Ark of Hope was officially introduced on September 9, 2001, at an event called For Love of Earth, A Celebration of The Earth Charter in Burlington, Vermont. Over 2,000 people attended, including speakers Jane Goodall, new age recording artist Paul Winter and Steven Rockefeller, a member of the Earth Charter Commission, who explained how and why it was written.

    It is the designs on the ark's exterior panels, however, that reveal the true nature of this beast. The symbols used come straight from Wiccan modern-day witchcraft. The artwork for each panel is prominently displayed at the www.arkofhope.org website. Depicted on the four sides are water, air, earth and fire. Depicted on top is spirit. Not coincidentally, water, air, earth, fire and spirit are the five points on the Wiccan pentagram.

    Wicca is witchcraft. In Wicca, the pentagram is believed to be a strong protection against evil, a symbol that shields the wearer and his home. Its five spikes represent five elements, four of matter (earth, air, fire and water) and the quintessential (the fifth and most essential element), the spirit. Tracing a path around the pentagram, the elements are placed in order of density: Spirit, fire, air, water, earth. It is not a coincidence that the Earth Charter would be housed for its historic journey in an ark designed with the exact symbols of Wicca, witchcraft, earth worshipers... Satan himself. A closer look at the Ark of Hope reveals the evil behind the entire movement. Obviously, it is the belief system of those who are running the affairs at the United Nations and eventually the European Union.

    The Earth Charter is not just about politics. It ís also about religion. It calls for a new form of global political, spiritual and economic civilization. It seeks an earth-centered, earth-first approach to how we look at the world, including our religious views. It attempts to form political partnerships to protect the earth, and it recognizes that the earth is the center of everything for man's continued evolution.

    The initiative called the Earth Charter reflects a conviction that a radical change in humanity's attitudes and values is essential in order to achieve social, economic and ecological well being in the 21st Century. At the summit in Johannesburg, a brand new treaty, the Covenant on Sustainability and Development, will be introduced. The goal is to put into formal law the concepts of the Earth Charter, which everyone on the earth will ultimately be forced to obey by means of international law.

    Its creators plan to empower themselves through this document and attain greater control over world affairs. Their new world order will be based on their specific form of religion, which is helplessly in conflict with Christianity. In fact, fundamentalist Christians are quietly viewed by globalists as the main enemy, as those people who are in the way. Western Christian values are seen as being responsible for the destruction of the earth's environment. Missionaries, in particular, are viewed as one of the principle destroyers of native cultures and spirituality. Western civilization and the Christianity that comes along with it needs to go away. Earth-based spirituality is the approach to be taken for their sustainable global society.

    We had the Old Testament's Ark of the Covenant with the true Word of God embodied within. It contained the original Ten Commandments, and various holy artifacts. We now have an unholy ark designed to teach a new direction, a new global spirituality and a new global political reality emerging. What this signifies is that the Earth Charter becomes a new set of commandments for the earth, replacing God's Ten Commandments and pushing towards a one world religion for a one world government.

    Matt 24:11-24

    I Timothy 4:1

  • President Bush counters secular rhetoric with strong vocal Christian support.
  • Israel invades Palestinian towns; declares war on terrorism. 3/29/02.
  • Palestinian terrorists in Bethlehem turn Church of Nativity (Christ's birthplace) into armed fort. shrine is riddled with bullets and artillery shells during protracted siege by Israeli troops. Fires are set in the sanctuary. 3/30/02
  • U.S. Supreme court rules virtual images of child pornography legal. 4/16
  • California judges rule U.S. 'Pledge of Allegiance' unconstitutional because it mentions God. 6/2/02.
  • President Bush and U.S. Senate disagree, vote 99 to 0 to keep pledge intact
  • Congress OK's American office of Domestic Defense.
  • Business community rocked with major scandals and corporate fraud.
  • Bush enraged ­ wants war with Iraq & Saddam Hussein.
  • U.N. votes to send inspectors back to Iraq to search for illegal weapons of mass distruction.
  • U.N. tries to cool off U.S. intent to invade Iraq.
  • Roman Catholic sex charges shroud 1-billion member church in dark clouds of scandal.
  • America's plans to invade Iraq continue
  • President Bush authorizes massive U.S. troop buildup in Middle East.
  • North Korea announces intent to reopen atomic reactors. (December)
  • Four U.S. naval carrier groups (the ships of Kittim) ordered to assemble in Middle East.
  • Palestinian state in West Bank nears collapse as bombings and fighting between Palestinians and Israeli army units continue unabated since September 2000.

    12. The Beginning Roadmap to Peace in the Middle East

    + The Push for Peace between Muslims and Jews that initiates the building of the Third Temple. The Antichrist will accomplish the signing of this Peace Treaty either right before or right after the Rapture.

    Daniel 9:27 2003+
    13. EU World Court Order

    World Community of Democracies

    + The Commission on Global Governance was adamant concerning the need for compulsory jurisdiction of the World Court. They stated their case as follows:

    When the founders of the United Nations drew up the Charter, the rule of law world-wide loomed as one of its central components. They established the International Court of Justice at The Hague, commonly known as the World Court as the cathedral of law in the global system. But states were free to take it or leave it, in whole or in part. The rule of law was asserted and, at the same time, undermined; from the outset the World Court was marginalized. In an ideal world, acceptance of the compulsory jurisdiction of the World Court would be a prerequisite for UN membership. Those who wish to belong to the community of nations should be willing to abide by its rules and demonstrate their willingness by accepting the competence of its highest legal body. It establishes a permanent world court with jurisdiction over every person on earth whether his nation ratifies the Criminal Court Statute or not.

    The International Criminal Court (ICC) will begin to function once sixty parliaments ratify the statute.

    To believe that individuals could be placed on trial for acts of disobedience to international law, such as speaking against homosexuality, disrespecting another's religion and refusing to surrender weapons, is a difficult stretch. But in Matthew 24:9 Jesus prophesies: Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake.  Revelation 13:14 plainly describes a time when the False Prophet will, cause that as many as would not worship the image of the (world government) beast should be killed.

    Revelation 18

    Revelation 13:14

    Matthew 24:9

    Revelation 13:14

  • 2003 - North Korea pushes toward nuclear brinkmanship; threatens to declare war on USA. ­1/10/03.
  • US Troops ordered to Middle East said to be rising to 150,000. ­1/12/03.
  • Israeli hardliner, Ariel Sharon, reelected Israeli Prime Minister. ­1/28/03.
  • Major NATO & UN rift threatens to fracture the western world alliance. ­2/13/03.
  • U.S. 'Pledge of Allegiance' banned for its use of the name "God". ­2/28/03.
  • Ruling by the Full U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upholds previous court edict against God's name.
  • U.N. refuses to back U.S. war against Iraq. ­3/17/03..
  • U.S. invades Iraq.

    SECOND GULF WAR begins ­3/19/03 Iraq invaded at 4 A.M. Baghdad time..

  • Baghdad statue falls, toppling the second horn of the ram. ­4/9/03
  • Baghdad, symbol of ancient Babylon sacked by rampaging rioters. Fires burn across Iraq. ­4/14/03
  • Easter services conducted in the courtyard of Saddam Hussein's palace. ­4/20/03
  • President Bush declares end to combat, but refuses to call war in Iraq over.
    Occupation begins. Combat continues. ­5/1/03
  • Supreme Court strikes down the country's last remaining sodomy laws. ­6/26/03   Ruling legalizes and places gay people in the mainstream of U.S. society for the first time.
  • U.S. Combat death toll reaches 149 in Gulf War II, surpassing Gulf War I totals ­7/18/03
  • Sign of war appears in the sky ­ 8/27/03
  • The planet Mars, named for the pagan god of war makes it's closest approach to earth in 60,000 years, creating a bright night-time spectacle in the heavens.
    In biblical times, this would have been seen as a certain sign of war (see Luke 21:25).
  • Israel constructs security fence to lock out Palestinians and protect settlements in West Bank. (Sept/October)
  • More crosses are taken down across the United States. Italy orders crucifix removed from school.
  • Episcopal church consecrates first openly gay bishop, a divorcee. ­11/2/03
  • Massachusetts Supreme Court paves way for gay marriage with landmark Sodomy law decision. ­11/18/03
  • U.S. combat deaths in Iraq total 472, far surpassing Gulf War I totals. ­12/31/03
  • 14. Divisions and Democracy in the Middle East

    + Insurgents Removed for Promotion of the Peace Process

    Zechariah 12 2004 - Israel's wall through Palestine speeds toward completion.
    15. Death of Yasser Arafat, a New Successor  (Abbas) 

    + An Apparent obstacle to the Peace Plan is removed. Arafat is possibly poisoned.

    Daniel 9:27 2004 - Arab founder of Hamas, Sheik Ahmed Yassin, assassinated by Israel in Gaza. ­March 21

    New Iraqi government established. War continues ­June 28

    16. Reformation of Jewish Priesthood  (Sanhedrin)

    + Detailed blueprints for the Third Temple have existed for several years. Other buildings associated with the a future Temple are planned or have already been built. Rabbi Shlomo Goren, for example, has supervised the construction of a replica of the 70-seat Supreme Court building for the new Sanhedrin, adjacent to the Temple Mount in the Jewish Quarter. The use of modern DNA tests has also been used to confirm the authenticity of men suitable to train as Temple priests. Rabbi Nachman Kahane, head of the Young Israel Synagogue together with the Institute for Talmudic Commentaries maintains a computer database of all known priestly candidates in Israel. Other Orthodox organizations in Israel are helping to educate them. The Yeshiva founded by Motti Dan Hacohen, known as Ateret Cohanim, for example, is preparing students to perform priestly service. Its sister organization Atara Leyoshna, has aggressively acquired or illegally occupied many Arab properties in the Muslim Quarter near the Temple Mount in order to establish and consolidate a Jewish presence in preparation for rebuilding the Temple.the NEW SANHEDRlN consists of 71 judges excelling in whom; understanding and knowledge of Torah, international law, physics and mathematics, macro and micro-economics, cybernetics, human sciences, and conversant with many cultures and languages.

    A unique ceremony - probably only the second of its kind in the past 1,600 years - took place in Tiberias on Oct 14, 2004: the launching of a Sanhedrin. Consisting of Temple priests and headed by the high priest of Israel, this was the highest ruling body and court of justice among the Jewish people in the time of Jesus. This ceremony raised the interests of prophecy teachers all over the world. The reason is because Bible prophecy calls for a Jewish Temple in Jerusalem in the last days. In II Thessalonians 2, it is projected that there will be a man whom God calls "Antichrist" to seat himself in that Temple in order to declare himself as being God. Prophecy further reveals that Jesus will slay this "Antichrist" at His return (II Thess. 2:8).

    There has been no Sanhedrin for 1,600 years. The Jewish Temple of Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans in 70 A.D. and the Sanhedrin eventually dissolved accordingly. The Jewish people were scattered all over the world. All hope for a Jewish Jerusalem and a Temple on its Temple Mount seemed remote at best. Now, 1,600 years later, there is new vigor and zeal to rebuild the Jewish Temple. There are several organizations working toward this end.

    One that is at the forefront of this vision is the Temple Institute in Jerusalem. It has been working for many years now restoring the lost Temple utensils used for worship and sacrifices in the destroyed Temple. Much of what was destroyed has been restored and is now on display there. Strong zeal to restore Temple Mount worship in a rebuilt Temple continues to drive the Institute on.

    Another organization working toward this end is the Temple Mount Faithful. Every year this organization, with its own zeal to see the Temple rebuilt and Temple Mount worship restored, symbolically lays a cornerstone for a new Temple.

    Also, a new Tabernacle, just like the Moses Tabernacle, has been constructed near Jericho and priests are being trained in it for restored Temple worship and sacrifice.

    This zeal for a rebuilt Temple and restoration of Temple Mount worship has now resulted in the restoration of the Sanhedrin in October of 2004. Adding to the wonder of it all, this new Sanhedrin met on February 9, 2005 to discuss where on the Temple Mount a restored Temple might be placed. Several views were discussed but the one emerging as most likely was the view that calls for a rebuilt Temple on the Temple Mount but to the north of the present Dome of the Rock. If this is the site selected, then a destruction or removal of the Dome of the Rock as some have suggested before a Jewish Temple can be built, becomes unnecessary. There is presently a large open space on the north side of the Temple Mount plaza. The Dome of the Rock can easily sit right where it is, on the south side of the Temple Mount, and a Jewish Temple placed to the north. Historically, the "Court of the Gentiles" was on the south side of the Temple. A rebuilt Temple to the north would place the "Court of the Gentiles" closest to the Dome of the Rock. This is a very interesting development because prophecy has forecast this exact scenario. Revelation 11:1&2, talking about that future Temple states, "Get up and measure the temple of God and the altar, and those who worship in it. "Leave out the court which is outside the temple and do not measure it, for it has been given to the nations;...". The stage is set for this prophecy to be fulfilled.

    No other generation since the Temple was destroyed in 70 A.D. has come close to seeing things like this develop. If a rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem is close at hand, then the return of Jesus is also. Bible prophecy calls for the rebuilding of the Temple and the return of Jesus to both occur inside a coming seven year period, known by many from the Bible as the Tribulation. We draw very close to this period. We are living in interesting times! It is a good time to be right with the Lord! If you are not right with Him, get right! If you've never made peace with Him, Romans 10:9-10 tells you how.

    Numbers 11:16-17

    Zephaniah 3:9

    Zechariah 13

  • 2004 - San Francisco Mayor ok's gay marriage in California in defiance of state law. Thousands married. ­Feb. 12
  • Supreme Court bans use of public funds for ministerial education. ­Feb. 27
  • U.S. lands 2 mobile laboratories on Mars.
  • Major Good Friday Crucifixion movie "The Passion" released amid swirling controversy. Anti-christ protests rampant across the nation.
  • Second Gulf War continues at Euphrates, enters 2nd year - 571 American's killed. ­March 19
  • Gulf War - Insurgency begins. Bloody Iraq Counterattack & Kidnappings. ­April 2004
  • Sharon/USA sign Gaza pact ­ Israel's "illegal" West Bank settlements ok'd by U.S.A. ­April 14
  • Gay marriages become legal in Massachusetts ­May 17
  • Supreme Court refuses to rule on whether the word 'God' should be removed from the 'Pledge of Allegiance'. Citing technicality, Court punts issue by voiding the lawsuit. ­June 14
  • ACLU orders obscure cross honoring California missions removed from LA County Seal ­June
  • Supreme Court strikes down law that would have prohibited child-pornography. ­June 29
  • World Court at Hague rules Israel's Wall illegal. ­July 9
  • Muslim extremists attack Russia ­ down 2 airliners, bomb Moscow, blow up hundreds of schoolchildren.
  • Second Gulf War continues, 1000 Americans dead ­Sept. 6
  • U.S. Congress rejects amendment to "support God". ­Sept. 28
  • A return to God and morality is the surprise major issue in America's 2004 national election. ­Nov.
  • George W. Bush re-elected to second term.
  • Tsunamis roll across Indian Ocean killing more than 300,000 in 11 nations from Indonesia to Africa.

    Millions left injured or homeless; many starving and without water.

    "Black Sunday" ­ Day after Christmas Tidal Wave called worst in recorded history ­Dec. 26

  • Second Gulf War continues. 1,324 Americans dead.­Dec.3
  • 17. R.F.I.D. In Commodities

    Frequency Identification Chip Technology and Implantation

    + Wallmart has initiated the common chipping or tagging of all their store bought items. This is a template for marking humans as well.

    Revelation 13 2004+
    18. Survey to Rebuild Solomon's Temple   www.templeinstitite.org

    + Even though the 2,000-year-old dream of building the Third Temple was postponed, the desire and the obligation to build the Israeli house of God still lives. Several movements have been born as a result of the desire to "arise and build."

    The Temple Mount Faithful movement was formed by Gershon Salomon. The Temple Mount Faithful attempted to place a cornerstone on the Temple Mount in 1990 for the beginning of the temple. A riot resulted, the police came, and before order was restored, seventeen had died. Since then, Gershon Salomon has not been allowed to visit the Temple Mount; nevertheless, each October, Salomon and his followers conduct a symbolic cornerstone laying in an attempt to remind the people of Israel that they are mandated by God to build His house.

    The Temple Institute overlooks the Western Wall Plaza and the Temple Mount itself. The Institute has dedicated itself to making the necessary preparations for the time when temple worship and daily sacrifices can be restored. At the present time, over 50% of the utensils and vessels needed for the temple ceremonies have been recreated--duplicating as closely as possible those utilized in the First and Second Temple eras. One of the prime activities of the Temple Institute is the training of young rabbis in the offering of sacrifices and the performing of temple services. According to one of the Temple Institute's officials, the architectural drawings for the building of the Third Temple have been completed and in waiting for some time.

    Revelation reveals the Antichrist will put a stop to the Third Temple sacrifices. No one believed Israel would be reformed and no one believes a third temple is possible but the scriptures continue to be true and doubters exposed as scoffers.


    Revelation 11:2 2005
  • Mahmoud Abbas chosen as president of the Palestinian Authority ­Jan.9
  • U.S. cancels search for W.M.D. in Iraq ­Jan.12
  • The "Bush Doctrine" declared ­ Democracy to rule the earth (by force if necessary) ­Jan.20
  • Iraq election succeeds dramatically. Voter turnout exceeds 60% nationally. ­Jan.30
  • Palestine's Abbas & Israel's Sharon meet in Egypt & pledge end to conflict between them ­Feb.8
  • Landmark summit may end Intifada & renew 1993 Oslo hopes.
  • 19. Decline of US Economy and Rise of Euro

    + World Economic upsets draw power back to Europe

    Revelation 17-18 2005+
    20. Sharon's Disengagement Plan -

    Israeli Settlers Removed From Gaza Strip and West Bank

    In and attempt to push towards the Road Map to Peace, Sharon has approved dismantling Gaza strip and several Left Bank settlements allowing Palestinians access to this land again since the 1967 war.

    This fulfills prophecy that Israel will be in such a settlement structure that they can be surrounded by their enemies in the last days.

    Sharon's initiated withdrawals by the Israeli forces will proceed as planned because the Bible prophesies Israelis who choose to remain in the West Bank (Judea) after Israel's withdrawal will become the victims of a time of horrible slaughter. Jesus described it as a time of ""...great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be."" This development will not occur right away. The new peace agreement calls for the two sides to establish a framework for final peace agreements.

    Daniel 9:27 2005+
  • Israel Cabinet approves eviction of 8500 Jewish settlers from 21 sites mostly in Gaza Strip ­Feb.21
  • Syria begins moving its troops out of Lebanon under pressure ­ Mar. 8
  • President Bush euphoric as democracy dominoes continue to fall in place.
  • California Judge OK's Gay Marriage. ­Mar.15.
  • Third year of 2nd Euphrates War begins. Over 1500 American soldiers dead. - Mar.19.
  • 21. Death of Pope John Paul II   (Election of Ratzinger)  

    + A vital pope is necessary to fulfill the duties of the false prophet. The False Prophet will have an abundant task at hand in support of the Antichrist. He will lead followers to worship the Antichrist. He will punish those disloyal to the Antichrist. Revelation 17 depicts a woman riding a red beast. This beast symbolizes the last-day world government of the Antichrist.

    The Woman is Spiritual Rome and it's False Prophet i.e.. the Pope

    The identity of the woman riding the beast is easy to determine because we are given so many specific clues. 1. The woman is a city (verse 18). 2. The woman is an international system (verse 15). 3. The city symbolized by the woman sits on seven hills (verse 9). 4. The woman is arrayed in purple and red (verse 4).

    What entity on the earth fulfills all of the given criteria? What city sits on seven hills, is the headquarters for a vast international system, and is clothed in purple and scarlet? There is only one. Rome is famous for being the city of seven hills. The Vatican claims one billion subjects throughout the world's peoples, multitudes, and nations. There are two ruling bodies at the Vatican, the Cardinals and the College of Bishops and Archbishops. A Catholic publication, the Criterion, July 1, 1988, stated, ""Cardinals wear red while non-cardinal bishops and archbishops wear purple.""

    The woman riding the red beast is now being fulfilled by the long-planned alliance between Socialism and Catholicism. Ultimately, this coalition will lead into the one-world government and one-world religion which will be ruled by the Antichrist and his religious partner the False Prophet.

    Ratzinger is probably not the false prophet. Another Pope might take his place.

    Revelation 17-18 2005
    • Middle East - U.S. War continues...


    • Saddam Hussein hanged

    22. Religious Scoffing, Christian Persecution, and unity of Religions

    Satan realizes his limited time and inspires opposition to anything having to do with Christianity through the media and physical attacks upon individuals and churches while combining denominations together through seeker & purpose driven movements and mandates of unity for morality - ecumenism. 

    II Peter 3:3

    Luke 17:26



    • The Golden Compass
    • Church Shootings


    • Zeitgeist
    • Religulous
    • Obama election


    • Misotheism
    • Russia teams up with Iran
    • Iran acquires nukes
    • The Grassroots movement
    • The Manhattan Declaration
    23. The Flotilla/Intifada incidents and Arab Spring.

    Arabic Rebellion, Arab Winter, or the Arab Revolutions is a revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protests occurring in the Arab world that began on 18 December 2010. Rulers have been forced from power in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen; civil uprisings have erupted in Bahrain and Syria; major protests have broken out in Algeria; Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, and Morocco; and minor protests have occurred in Bahrain, Lebanon, Mauritania, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Western Sahara, as well as clashes at the borders of Israel.




    Zechariah12 2010
    • Socialist Obama bleeds the United States reducing it to a third world nation to absorb into the communistic one world union.
    • Palestinian favoring Obama turns the United States against Israel.
    • Louisiana oil spill
    • Flotilla/Intifada
    • Turkey teams up against Israel finalizing the stage for the rapture.
    • The World Currency Unit
    • Middle East - U.S. War continues...
    • Arab Spring- Islamic regions knock off dictators and unify together under one agreement to end Israel.
    24. Iranian Nuclear Armaments. 2011
    • Iran boasts their nuclear capabilities with the help of Russia and North Korea.
    • Stuxnet virus implanted in Iranian computers by Israeli double agent.
    • Israel preparing to strike Iran for harboring nuclear materials.
    • Local churches inundated with Emergent and Purpose Driven teachings. The number of false teachers and false prophets is exploding, exactly as Jesus warned three times in Matthew 24 would occur. Most are unaware of this deception—and its impact throughout Christianity.
    • Healthcare Mandate sustained by U.S. Supreme Court.
    • Uncanny weather disasters.


    FUTURE  events coincide with the Rapture of the Church 2012+
    25. The Destruction of Damascus

    + 5,000 years old Damascus has the distinction of being one of the oldest perpetual cities in the world, but according to Isaiah it will be "taken away from being a city" to become just a "ruinous heap." This hasn't happened yet in history. In December, 1996, and again as recently as July 1997, due to the controversial VX gas warheads which Syria has reportedly mounted on its longer-ranged Scud-C missiles, Israel's defense minister, Y.Mordecai, warned that if Syria launched these Russian-made chemical weapons against Israel, then Israel has "the might to severely harm anyone who strikes us and this blow would obviously put the (Syrian) regime at risk." It was generally assumed by the Israeli press and government officials that Mordecai was implying the certain destruction of Damascus, perhaps via Israel's nuclear capabilities.

    In 1973, near the end of the "Yom Kippur War," Israeli tanks had approached within 20 kilometers of Damascus, but halted at the request of the USA because the Soviet Union (Russia) was poised to move to Syria's defense. Syria was a major client state in which the Soviet's were heavily invested militarily and politically. Russian paratroopers were actually in the planes and the US military was on world-wide alert (DefCon 3) for what might have become World War III. As in all Arab-Israeli conflicts in modern times, Russia had trained, equipped and provided manpower to help the Arab nations fulfill their Islamic-driven desire to "drive Israel into the sea." But the Lord will never let them succeed--not even when Russia herself, along with Iran and others, attempts to do so soon after the coming Syrian conflict.
    Isaiah 17:1

    Jeremiah 49:24-25

    Future Event after the Rapture and During 7 Year Tribulation
    26. The Rise of One European Leader over World Government

    One World Order* One World Currency* One World Government*

    + the Antichrist is alive somewhere on this planet.

    Daniel 2:40-43 Future Event after Rapture and During 7 Year Tribulation
    27. Middle East Peace Treaty & World Peace (for only 3 1/2 Years)

    + The prophecy from the Book of Daniel 9:27 reveals a peace treaty which starts the final 7 years, aka Daniel's 70th week. This is the final week (7 years) of the end time before the Second Coming return of the Messiah Prince- Jesus Christ.

    Daniel 11:28-32 reveals a treaty mixed with lies and deceit. If America, Israel and the Palestinians, and others surrounding them are part of this pact, then it will be a Holy Covenant including, Christians (America), Jews (Israel) and Moslems (Palestine). Each acknowledges the same God of Abraham as the one true God, the most high God.

    Daniel 9:26-27

    Daniel 11:28-32

    Future Event after Rapture and During 7 Year Tribulation
    28. The Mosque and Third Temple Share Holy Mount

    +When the Temple Mount fell under Israeli control in the 1967 Six-Day War, religious Jews believed the time of the redemption and the building of the Third Temple had arrived.

    Most religious Jews believe that the First and Second Temples stood where the Dome of the Rock presently stands. It is called the Dome of the Rock because it is built over a huge rock 12 feet wide and 32 feet long. Muslims believe that Mohammed and his horse ascended into heaven from this rock. Consequently, Muslims regard this as their third holiest site on earth after Mecca and Medina.

    Jews who yearn to build the Third Temple would like to remove the Dome of the Rock. However, to do so would, without a doubt, ignite all out war between Arabs and Israelis.

    Retired Hebrew University Professor Asher Kaufman claims there is a solution to this dilemma. He contends his studies prove that the First and Second Temples were not built on the site of the Dome of the Rock. He states that Israel's previous temples stood in the open area north of the Dome of the Rock. Kaufman says that Israel could build her temple in this area without disturbing the Arabic gold-domed shrine. This would leave the Dome of the Rock in the temple's outer court. Since the outer court was known as the court of the Gentiles, Kaufman contends that it would be permissible for the Arabs to worship at the Dome of the Rock side by side with Israel's Third Temple. Thus the world's most difficult problem would be resolved, and Arabs and Jews could worship together in peace.

    Daniel 9-11

    Luke 21:24

    Future Event after Rapture and During 7 Year Tribulation
    29. a rapid Roman, Russian, and Islamic Revival

    + Rome will once again become one world power. Russia will become more powerful than America. Islam will become the most major world religion second to Catholicism.

    2 Thessalonians 2:3

    2 Timothy 3:5, 4:3-4

    Revelation 17-18

    Future Event after Rapture and During 7 Year Tribulation
    30. Rise of the Babylonian Empire

    (Commercial - Iraq)        (Spiritual - Rome) 

    Revelation 17-18 Future Event after Rapture and During 7 Year Tribulation
    31. Worldwide I.D. of Citizens for One World Government

    Frequency Identification Chip Technology and Implantation

    + "Digital Angel," has been described by company communications as an implantable microchip that, once inserted into a human, can be tracked by GPS and the information then relayed wirelessly to the Internet, where an individual's location, movements and vital signs can be stored in a database for future reference. The chip, along with another non-tracking version (the Veri-Chip) was developed by the NASDAQ-traded, Palm Beach, Fla., company, Applied Digital Solutions.


    Rev 13:16-17 Future Event after Rapture and During 7 Year Tribulation
    32. Signs in the Heavens - see Revelation

    The sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars [meteorites] will fall from the sky, and the heavenly bodies will be shaken.

    At that time the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky.

    Matthew 24:29-30 Future Event after the Rapture and During 7 Year Tribulation
    Luke 21:28 "But when these things begin to take place, straighten up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near."

    Luke 21:32 "Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place."