II Peter            Exposing False Teachers                          The Revealed Translation 


                II Peter One  “God’s Provisions”


2Peter 1:1  From Simon Peter, a servant and an apostle of Jesus Christ. To everyone who shares with us in God’s gift of believing in our God and savior Jesus Christ, who makes us right with God.


2Peter 1:2  May God bless you with special favor and wonderful peace as you keep learning more and more about Jesus, who is our God and Lord.


2Peter 1:3  We have everything we need to live a lifestyle pleasing to God. It was given to us through God's divine power, when we learned about His invitation to share in His glory and goodness.


2Peter 1:4  God made us great and marvelous promises about His divine nature that would become a part of us. Then we could escape our evil desires and the corrupt influences of this world.


2Peter 1:5  Make every effort to apply these promises to your life and your improved faith will add moral excellence and discernment.


2Peter 1:6  Discernment leads to self-control and patience, patience to endurance, and endurance to godliness.


2Peter 1:7  Godliness leads to concern for others and a love for everyone.


2Peter 1:8  If these virtues of service for our Lord Jesus Christ increase, they  will make your lives useful and meaningful.


2Peter 1:9  But if you don't grow, you are like the nearsighted or the blind, and forgot that God has cleansed you from your old life of sin.


2Peter 1:10  My friends, you must do all you can to show that God really has chosen and selected you then you won't stumble or fall away.


2Peter 1:11  And our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will give you a glorious welcome into His kingdom that lasts forever.


2Peter 1:12  I will always remind you that you are established in this present truth.


2Peter 1:13  I will keep on reminding you as long as I live.


2Peter 1:14  Our Lord Jesus Christ showed me that I am leaving soon.


2Peter 1:15  I want to make sure you remember these things  after I pass away.


2Peter 1:16  We did not make up clever stories when we told you about the power and return of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are eyewitnesses of His majesty.


2Peter 1:17  And He received honor and glory from God, the Father, when God’s voice announced from heaven, "This is my only dear Son,  I am fully pleased with him."


2Peter 1:18  We were there with Jesus on that holy mountain and heard His voice speak from heaven.


2Peter 1:19  This makes us even more confident concerning  the words of the prophets. Pay close attention to their message for their words are light shining in darkness until daylight comes and the morning star rises in your hearts.


2Peter 1:20  Understand first that the scriptures are not for private interpretation.


2Peter 1:21  The scriptures were not made up by the will of men, but by holy men       of God, speaking with guidance by the Holy Spirit.


                                       II Peter Two  “False Prophets and Teachers”


2Peter 2:1  False prophets often spoke to the people of Israel and false teachers will also sneak in and speak harmful lies to you. These false teachers reject the Master who paid a great price for them, and they will quickly destroy themselves.


2Peter 2:2  Many will follow in their destructive ways and they will cause others to curse and despise the true way.


2Peter 2:3  They are greedy and will exploit you with deceptive words.  Their destruction was prepared long ago and will be swift.


2Peter 2:4  For if God did not even spare the angels that sinned, and cast them into the dark chains of hell until the time of judgment.


2Peter 2:5  And God did not spare the ancient world but destroyed the ungodly with a flood, saving only eight people, including Noah, a preacher of moral justice.


2Peter 2:6  And if God punished the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah by turning them into burning ashes as a warning to all who desire sin.


2Peter 2:7  Yet God rescued Lot out of Sodom because he was a just man and was troubled by the lifestyles of the wicked.


2Peter 2:8  Day after day Lot suffered because of the evil things he saw and heard.


2Peter 2:9  This shows that the Lord knows how to rescue godly people from temptation, and punish the wicked reserving them for the day of judgment,


2Peter 2:10  especially those who despise authority and follow their filthy desires. They are arrogant and proud and not even afraid of cursing the angels that fell.


2Peter 2:11  Even the good angels, who are more powerful than the false teachers, don't dare accuse the fallen angels before the Lord.


2Peter 2:12  These false teachers are like senseless animals that live upon their base instincts, made only to be caught and killed. They speak evil of things they don’t even understand and their own corrupt deeds will destroy them.


2Peter 2:13  Their evil will be rewarded with destruction and they even take pleasure practicing sin in the daytime. Their filthy deceptions spoil the meals you share together.


2Peter 2:14  They cannot stop from sinning and desiring adultery with others. They are skilled in greediness and trick unstable people.


2Peter 2:15  They reject the right way and follow the wrong path, like Balaam, the son of Beor, who loved payment for unrighteousness.


2Peter 2:16  But a donkey, speaking with a human voice, corrected Balaam, and made him stop his evil foolish deed.


2Peter 2:17  These false teachers are like dried up water holes and empty clouds blown by the wind. The darkest part of hell is reserved for them forever.


2Peter 2:18  They boast words of emptiness and through lewdness they attract those who barely escaped from living the wrong kind of lifestyle.


2Peter 2:19  They promise freedom but are slaves of dirty lifestyles, because anyone is a slave to what controls them.


2Peter 2:20  If they had learned about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and escaped from the filthy things of this world,  they have again become trapped and controlled, and are now in worse shape than they were at the beginning.


2Peter 2:21  They would have been better off never knowing the path to righteousness then to know it and turn away from the holy command given to them.


2Peter 2:22  Proverbs 26:11 reveals what happened to them, "A dog will return to eat his own vomit” and I add ‘a clean pig will return to the mud’.


         II Peter Three  “Disbelief in God’s Return”


2Peter 3:1  My dear friends,  I write this second letter to stimulate your pure minds so you wont forget


2Peter 3:2  and consider what the holy prophets proclaimed and we apostles of our Lord and Savior have commanded.


2Peter 3:3  But first understand that in the last days self gratifying ridiculers will come


2Peter 3:4  and say, "Where is the promise of his coming? The first leaders are now dead, and the world hasn't changed since the beginning."


2Peter 3:5  They want to forget that long ago the Word of God created the heavens and the earth and the earth stood between the waters


2Peter 3:6  and later was destroyed by the mighty flood.


2Peter 3:7  But the same Word commands the present heavens and earth to remain until the judgment day of fire, and the ungodly will be destroyed.


2Peter 3:8  Dear friends, don't forget that for the Lord one day is the same as a thousand years, and a thousand years is the same as one day.


2Peter 3:9  The Lord isn't slow about keeping his promise, as some people believe. God is patient towards us and wants none to perish, and for everyone to turn from sin to him.


2Peter 3:10  The day of the Lord's return will surprise us like a thief in the night time. The heavens will disappear with a loud noise, and a great heat will burn up the elements, the earth, and all the works upon the earth.


2Peter 3:11  Since everything will be destroyed, why not serve and honor God by your lifestyle?


2Peter 3:12  Look forward with anticipation towards the day when God judges everyone. The heavens will be destroyed by fire, and everything melted with a high heat.


2Peter 3:13  And look forward to God’s promises of a new heaven and earth where righteousness resides.


2Peter 3:14  My friends, be attentive for these things and make sure the Lord finds you pure, spotless, and peaceful.


2Peter 3:15  And remember the words of wisdom given to our brother Paul that the Lord is patiently waiting for many to be saved.


2Peter 3:16  Paul writes these same things in all his letters and some parts are  hard to understand. Many ignorant and unstable people destroy themselves by twisting Paul’s letters and other scriptures.


2Peter 3:17  So now that you know these things, my friends, be on guard from the errors of the wicked who may lead you down the wrong path and make you lose your balance.


2Peter 3:18  And grow in the wonderful kindness and understanding of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Glory to God now and forever! Amen.